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Why we care so much

Post by Jana - Owner

My earliest memories are with a dog at my side. I have always had a dog. I grew up with my father raising beagles. My Dad always proudly called me his handler at the many dog trials we attended...(looking back I realize he was using me to chase beagles all over the place lol).

I got my first dog of my own when I was 7. He was a purebred Doberman. That dog was my shadow. We lived in the country and I didn’t really have any friends close by to play with. I remember I couldn’t wait to get off that bus and to the companionship and acceptance that Shane gave me. We spent hours in the woods building forts and adventuring.

As I grew up I lost Shane and then went onto higher education. The minute I was done school I bought another Doberman called Boone. He helped me through some rough times and some good times. Our current farm is named after him...Boone Run Farms. He helped me find a husband he approved of and was the best dog ever to my two children. He passed on and life kept on.

We had Tucker another Dobie. We had Morgan the best Golden Retriever ever, then Moose and Myles the “Crazy Lab Experiment”. Quinte and Arko who taught me a love of German Shepherds. Mouse, Gillie and Griffin the crazy Dachshunds that have been cherished. A new adventure is on the horizon in my life chasing sheep with an amazing Border Collie from Nebraska called Dawg. Never in my life have I ever reached out and not felt the reassuring feel of soft fur under my hand. Those that know me best understand my favourite activity in life is a cup of tea and a good book on the porch and the company of a good dog. They will also know I’m not much on puppies....they are cute...don’t get me wrong but there is something special about the bond you have with an old dog. He knows not to spill your tea with his gentle nudges for more petting. He is content to let you finish that last chapter of your book before you head out on a hike...he knows your every move and gets you. A dog like that is a joy and a comfort.

We here at Rawsome know the bond that you have with your dogs. The hours you spend training, grooming, walking, playing and loving these wonderful companions means something to us. We need all the time on earth we can get with this amazing creature. They teach us to be better people and everyone should aspire to live up to their dogs level. I always hope I measure up in my dogs eyes. Every day that I do is a good day.

I hope to see you in the store and get to meet more wonderful pets and owners. I promise to greet you with the happiness my dog does when he sees me. I will be happy and faithful as always to help you keep your companion healthy and happy for as long as possible. I promise to continue helping bring in the best products for you to live a happy life with your dogs.

Mouse - Our very first dashie

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